The Treasures of Darkness (Paperback)

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A wonderful book is a well decorated coffin that preserves the meaning of undying words. This long-awaited and highly anticipated book release is my funeral, to which you are all gladly invited.

The ceremonious occasion signals the death of Death within us, to spark the redemption of Promise and the timely resurrection of Life.

From a tiny aperture in a far flung corner of the Milky Way galaxy comes a scorching multi-colored spectrum of light. Within this light are the varied colors of vanity, passion, pride, vigor, audacity, beauty, innocence, and uninhibited force.

It brings me great pleasure to share with you the luminous "TREASURES OF DARKNESS."


The King of the Fall

Satan’s Message to the Black Man

Iblis’ Message to the Black Man

Currency XXXchange: The Underlying Spiritual Dynamics of Sex, Money & Power

Natural Mystic: The Secret History of Rastafari & The Black Light Above the Throne

The Lost Book of Lava Gina & The Moonstone Mansion of Flawless Thrones

The Catholic Key to Vector Sigma & The Anti-Anunnaki Agenda

Penetrating the Mystery: The Divine Pornography of Nature

Wade in the Water: The Presence of Mami Wata in Western Religion

Wut Da Fux Iz A Moor?

Baphomets in Bassinets: The West African Cradle of Modern ‘Satanic’ Imagery

The Bluest Eye: Evolving Away from ‘Occultism’ toward the Greater Life Sciences

Delectably Divine: Musings on Sex, God & Chocolate

The Erotic History of Societies with Secrets

The Greatest Love of All


"I finished the book last week. It's a masterpiece. I'm buying a second copy for a friend of mine who is a painter."

"I got the book in the mail on Monday and I want to apologize for sleeping on your writing. The first chapter has blown my mind. I can't wait to get further into the book."

"This is EXCELLENT. I'll be buying everything you write from now on."

"You are truly amazing. I talk about how good your book is to people everyday. I just ordered a second copy for a friend."

"Adika is a master, and has the ability to teach the temperment of his times" - Bro. A.A. Rashid

"I read the first chapter, and by GOD, it's phenomenal!"

"I have actually read the majority of the book and it is not only enlightening, but it is a work in which you have crafted so simply and eloquently that it would be a disgrace and insult to not recognize it as a work of art! Thank you for writing such a beautiful and truthful book. Thank you for caring so much about humanity."

"I learned about The Treasures of Darkness while listening to an interview on the Blackmagik363 YouTube channel with the author Adika Abassi Ani Butler. I was immediately drawn and excited about getting his book as I was at a place where I was seeking more spiritual knowledge to address aspects of my life outside of what is offered in other formal books. I was on a search to find secrets to absolutely living a life of spiritual resurrection and the subtitle to Adika's book spoke to that. I was starving and craving for insight into greater possibilities and this book offered me what I was looking for.

It helped me to tap into my goals and to have a more defined vision for my desires based on the characters, stories and places in the book for my overall life. Because of reading this book along with other knowledge, I found the energy and creativity to start my business plan and to put other things I desire to get my business off ground and into motion. This positively affected other areas of my existence such as my relationships, work, and personal life. It took me almost a little while to read this book but it was well worth it.

In my 4th month into reading the Treasures of Darkness I started to incorporate it into my daily meditation and quiet time at my altar while having some incense burning. It was comforting and brought enlightening experiences to me during my day to day life. I would like to thank Adika Abassi Ani Butler for sharing his knowledge through his writing unselfishly. I look forward to continuing to support his work."

"The author Adika Butler is a worthy wordplay wizard with his witty, blunt, and eloquent way of keeping the reader intrigued from the content, research and unique insight on relevant topics from his life experiences. There is definitely a lot of added jewels and highlighted gems gained by delving into this book of treasures."

"Peace King, I purchased your book at the God Frequency Conference some months ago in Harlem, NY. You said 'let me know how the book was once you read it.' I read the book awhile ago, however I didn’t get right to the email until now. Pardon my delay King.

This book is a GREAT read! At first when I began to read the book it went into the sexual part, so at first I was like 'hold up,' but stayed tuned in to reading. Then I read on and WOW, I was amazed!

How you put this together makes it a phenomenal book. It was a honor and a pleasure to read this and be ENLIGHTENED. KEEP DOING YOUR THING KING!!!"

"Brother, you have no idea. Your work has totally destroyed everything I thought I knew. This really does open the third eye. This is (pregnant pause) I can't even tell you." --Long Distance phone call from a stranger in France


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